The Frozen singalong. 

A sing along performance.

Our Frozen inspired theatre show can be performed with 2, 3 or 4 of our performers, The Snow Queen, The Ice Harvester, The Snow Princess and the Snowman! the show ranges from 20 minutes (two person performance) to a 40 minute production (four person performance. This production can be performed outside or inside, it is a musical theatre delight with singing and dancing, we include Children friendly interaction, prizes and games. 

Please see footage of our 12 day production of Frosty February below. performed at Easton Park Farm 2022. Filmed by Ep_digitalcreations

                                                                       THE CAST

Sam H 

multi Talented Sam plays both parts with her range of vocal abilities and character range.

Samantha S

 When not mermaiding is also a talented actress and has joined the Singalong cast as elsa and Anna also!


A talented singer currently working on an albumn after her return from LA has come back to EPTC to play varuous roles, one of which is Anna in our singalong show


Albert is our Singing kristoff.


James is a keen mascotter and plays olaf in the Frozen singalong.


Tanya has  been known to play Elsa for our stage shows and at parties.

We also have a voice artist who has specialized in  recording the audio of the Snowman an The reindeer,  information on this talent and background coming soon!