Story Telling Shows.


To add our rainbow tent this would be £50 extra, we can facilitate the story telling in the tent cosy and comfortable with blankets and mats. 

Characters differ on the time of year. Such as The Autumn fairy/ The Winter Enchantress/ Ostara the spring fairy or Crimson the Yule tree fairy, mistletoe the elf and more. Please ask for images.

All flower fairies are born in the enchanted rose garden & some are destined to be flower fairies forever but some few select Fae are fated to be different... like the seasonal fairies, hear all about the stories that have blessed the rose garden.        

* The Autumn Faeries journey: this story is The Autumn Faerys journey through the seasons to find her calling. Autumn invites you to hear all about her atmospheric journeys on the back of Eartha her willow fire dragon. Includes an opening song. this includes our red dragon puppet.

* Ostara The Spring Fairy: Ostara tells of her time when she was born into the rose garden and was destined to help all realms bloom into spring. this includes bubbles at the end and our blue dragon below

* The Queen Of The Meadow The Summer Fairy: she loves all things damp, she is known for her Companion froglet who she climbed the Great Wall with to find her marshlands where the creatures made her queen of the meadow. This story includes a song. this includes our frog puppet.

* Mistletoe the fairy elf or Queen Astaria Fae: these two have many stories to tell from how mistletoe became an elf in Lapland to other Journeys from the Faery rose garden. this includes stickers and fairy wishes.



 Julia Donaldson story tales; 

This series of storytelling sessions are perfect for toddlers and young ages. This is a storytelling session with drama and puppets, props and music including Lots of fun and plenty of interaction. 

We read two stories such as the Gruffalo, the smartest giant in town or room on the Broom and zog, amongst other popular tales.