Circus Workshops


An open play session which runs all day usually 11.00-4.00pm b ut this can change acording to your event.

The circus area will be situated in a bunted off area which we will create using steel rods, bunting and a circus sign. Belle tent optional, see below.

Our circus facilitators/trainers Tommo or Lottie are circus skills professionals in the flow arts, they wear circus attire and bring an array of circus equipment from the list below:

* diabolos,  

* juggling balls, 

* spinning plates, 

A bubble station,

* hula hoops, 

* devil sticks, 

* mini stilts , 

* poi and 

* staffs.  

* bubble play


    We may have an area of socks and rice for the crafty kids to make their own juggling ball. The equipment is laid out for the public to come and have a try with. 

We can  provide a large Rainbow belle tent 5x5 Meters (we have two! ) when it is booked in with other 2 other services, if not it is £50, 

The circus facilitators show the public use of the equipment through out the day. 

Circus Skills encourage creative thinking

Circus Skills reinforce positive learning

Circus Skills enhance kinaesthetic skills

Circus Skills instil enthusiasm in the learning process

Circus Skills boost self confidence

Circus Skills aid social & personal development

Circus skills promote cross curricular education

Circus Skills aid the formation of grey matter in the brain

Circus Skills are a fun gateway into physical education

Learning Circus Skills develops language skills

Circus Skills increases self esteem &self awareness

Circus Skills are fun, for children AND adults!