EPTC are the choice of Royal events such as

Windsor Castles Jubillee & The Royal Windsor Flower show...

Have a look at our service list to see if we can help at your event!

Twin Union Jack/royal soldiers amongst others costumed stilt walkers. 3 sets of 45 mins or 4 sets of 30 mins 

LED stilt walkers of any dress 3 sets of 45 mins or 4 sets of 30 mins 

Union Jack balloon modellers 3 sets of 45 mins.

* scarf dancers 

* Hula hoopers 

* fire dancers 

2 sets of 10 minutes

* Themed era singers, our “singing dolls” are a great addition. 

3 sets of 20-25 mins 

* Union Jack or Platinum bubblers 3 sets of 45 mins 

* Mirror walkers make and female, 3 sets of 45 mins.

* Union Jack facepainters 

* Glitter artists

* Royal themed crafts three sets of 30 minutes. Tables needed. 

* Royal themed story telling. Can be run in our 5x 5 rainbow belle

Tent for a Further £100.

* Royal meets and greets with the Disney princesses and princess  or have  any era