Boarding Activities UK

EPTC have references and will happily pass on contact details from previous bookings. All our activities follow the social distancing requirements. We are happy to send over risk assessments, DBS information, covid policies, insurances and any other admin you may want for your chosen activity.


The activities are all quite different and useful for many aspects of child development such as: 





1.       Murder mystery experience. 

This activity runs for two hours with 4 – 5 professional actors all under the company’s insurance and liability, all individuals hold current DBS/CRBs. This activity is best for ages 8 and upwards and the maximum number for this event is 30 boarders. The boarders are split into groups by yourselves into any number you wish. Each team should have a boarding assistant to help them with the deciphering and puzzle activities which we distribute. Our script is called the The Puzzling Case Of The Poisoned Professor. Written in house so that it is a one of a kind and targeted for young minds. Following the traditional dramatic acts of a murder mystery all the characters are full of life and very comedic in their entertaining.


2.     Forest school.  2 hour session.

Includes fire building, cooking, den building and woodworking, plus information regarding what’s growing or living in the environment during the given season. 

Please allow time either side for your hosts to set up and take down. Parking fairly close to your chosen location would be appreciated. We would prefer to visit prior to the event date to chose the best spot for the workshop to take place.


3.       Puppet making and puppetry performance workshop. 2 hour session.

This is led by an industry professional puppeteer who has recently worked on Netflix show the Dark Crystal. A Physical session which is good for encouraging teamwork. Boarders will begin with creating small newspaper puppets, the progress to human sized ones whilst learning the art of puppetry movement. Moving on to use observing and using a combination of puppets which are used in touring theatre shows, they will then piece together some odd puppet parts to build a large one in teams and finally they will create short scenarios with the puppets for a sharing at the end.


4.   Drama workshop.  2 hour session.

Run by theatre professionals and current performing arts teachers,  Drama workshops can be split into hourly sessions if needed. We can run workshops with up to 40 children in each. We would need an open space to freely move around, an outside space, a sports hall or a theatre is ideal. Drama workshops entail a variety of subjects to choose from such as. Mask work, improvisation, stage combat, Shakespeare, Mime or scripted work. 



5.       Circus skills workshop 

A circus workshop entails two members of staff who are trained in Circus practice. The leader of the workshop is a traveling circus performer. The recommended number for this activity is 30 children. The Circus workshop teaches Boarders the use of; Diablos, Spinning Plates, Hooping, Juggling, they will also make their own juggling balls or decorate their own hoop. We have a Hula hoop maker who can make a hoop for each child in the school colours for an extended price. (we also offer weekly hooping classes for after school activities) 


All equipment is cleaned before and after the activity begins. There will be a 10-minute window for the boarders to have a drink break

If needed, We can facilitate this activity inside or outside on your grounds.


6. Balloon modelling skills 2 sessions at one hour each.

This balloon twisting workshop can be inside or outside, we require tables and chairs for the children to be seated for the first 45 minutes, we can have up to 30 children in each group. The boarding assistants usually enjoy participation in this activity. The Boarders will learn basic skills of balloon twisting and will learn to create 6 separate models, a flower, a sword, a dog, a giraffe, a heart, and a butterfly. Boarders will then have a final challenge of creating a fashion dress from balloons. All balloons are biodegradable and will be cleared away after the activity. Twisting Helps with motor skills, using both sides of their brain for creativity and dexterity.

7: animal roadshow: peculiar animals  2 hour handling and knowledge session. 30 pupils in each session. 

Our animal handler will discuss all the types of creatures he has brought with him giving knowledge on each one, the boarders are then able to hold each creature if they do wish. For a list animals please enquire.

8: Sewing skills 30 pupils.

Sewing is a skill that not every one has a change to learn but in this session  they will learn how to create a personalised cushion which can be adorned on thier bed for the term. T-shirt decorating and wax food wraps are also options for this two hour session. 

9: Magic show! 2 hour session

A full one hour and thirty minute magic show with our professional touring entertainer frosty! After the magic show frosty will teach the boarders a mind trick and a card game trick! This show can be seasonal. Allstudents receive a pack of cards or a finger trick!

10: fire show for evening/day entertainment 

15 minute show, flow arts workshop.  2 hour session. 

In this workshop the fire artist will teach the art of flow dance with poi, sticks and fans, they will also demonstrate with fire for a 10-15 minute show. 

11: Bubble workshop

Array of bubble nets & wand construction and bubble play. outside needed

1 hour and 15 minute sessions 

30 children. 


12: Dream catcher weaving. 

1 hour sessions 

30 children

***multiple sessions or bookings will be discounted***