About us


Victoria G Ruskin - Clements

Victoria is the founder of The company and has run EPTC since 2009. Prior to opening EPTC Victoria worked in television, the film industry and the world of theatre from the age of 6. She has worked as the Costume Designer for many feature films which star famous household names, as well as working as script supervisor/continuity co-coordinator and an actress for many others. 

Victoria Entertains for London companies as well as running her own Theatre company, she has two children, was married on the Winter solstice and is a great believer in Fae, folklore and giving children beautiful happy childhoods.

Victoria makes the majority of the costumes used in the theatres practice. Many of the companies plays are written in house by Victoria and or her team.

You can view Victoria’s IMDB page here –IMDB

All of our performers are freelance bosses running their own show as well as gracing our Enchanted Realm in collaboration, we are a company of strong independent professionals all working together as a team to give you the best entertainment. 

We are proud to collaborate under EPTCs roof, thank you to all of our performers. 

louise is on the Party entertainment team for EPTC she is a party host and plays many characters and roles with many skills

runs; www.skewwhiffevents.co.uk with Kevin.

Cara is one of our  Party Entertainer leaders. she is a full time teacher. 

her favourate type of party is a dance/disco and always brings in a great review!

Sam is our silicone tailed mermaid under the name Samantha Siren, she is a spectacular singer, mermaid and stilt walker, she has legs and fins! she also can be seen in our theatre productions

Grace is a party entertainer and actor in our alice in wonderland tea parties.

is that the cheshire cat in the back

she runs https://www.hireamermaid.co.uk/

Tony is our leading spectacular balloon modeler. 

Equador is a well loved magician for EPTC and has many other skills under his belt, he can be hired as a bubbleologist via https://www.bubbleinc.co.uk/

Emma is multi skilled, she is one of our leading Stiltwalkers, she also is a talented fire pe4rformer as well as her other skills out side of performing.


Elliot is an incredible energetic peg stilt walker, actor, mime performer and singer. sometimes he puts them all together!

Chloe is our hooper, Led Performer, walkabout character and a stilt walker, she also is a fire performer for various seasonal events.

known for her management skills shes an aset to the company for her strong will.

Kirsty is a fairy bubbleologist and land mermaid for EPTC 

Emma Fire Performer, Led Performer &  Stilt walker.

runs fired up events

Hybian is one of our confident stilt walkers and fire performers. she also is a spectacular aerialist.


Jane is a bubble fairy with us and also is a fire performer and stilt walker! 

she owns phoenix fire school

Kayleigh is our Lead Craft facilitator. she is a walkabout performer as well as a balloon modeler.


she runs Creative eye.


Luke plays Santa, is a Fire performer, character actor and juggler.

Kevin is a comical actor and is versatile in all that he does.

 Lottie Lucid. 

Is a fire dancer, hoop performer, Mermaid stilt walker, costume maker and bubble fairy.

A well established performer who graces us with her skills for festivals and events. 

Lottie runs Stage Craft Collective. www.tagecraftcollectiveuk.wordpress.com


Actor and Santa. Kevin can communicate in Makaton.

runs www.skewwhiffevents.co.uk with Louise

Julie is A marvelous walkabout actress, tea party host, and all round entertainer. she also roller skates and dances!


Samantha's is a singer, the leads in all theatre shows, workshops the Theatre productions as well as performer and choreographer for our productions.



James is an actor in many of our shows, he also dables in party entertainment.

Jaimie is our lead facepainter.

she also runs https://www.cre8byjaime.com/


Media and Videographer.

Niash is a stilt walker and graceful aerialist.


Photographer and videographer.r

Pavani. Company illustrator

Pavani is a professional illustrator. with 7+ years experience of portrait illustrations, pencil drawings, Logo designs and childrens book illustrations, Pavani creates the beautiful character images for the fairies and alike in digital image for EPTC


Scott is Reading based and takes on work with EPTC in the winter period. he has performed for our fleet grottos with BID and Buckleberry farm since 2021

Mark is a wonderful Santa  has worked with us since 2019