The Enchanted Performers Theatre Company

This coming weekend we will be bubbling at 

The South of England Showground, Ardingly, United Kingdom 


* 6th April WOKINGS superhero & princess event! Singing, dancing and meet and greet at the fun fair!

* 13th April, Abingdon springfest, bubble fairy, circus workshops, stilt walkers and more! 

*  South of England Agricultural society: bubble fairy at the Spring Show on the 20th & 21st April. 

* Bustier ancient farm, Ostara the bubble fairy will be creating an array of beautiful bubbles for all! 

* 4th may Cotswold farm Fire shows 

* 5th may Cotswold farm Crafting and circus workshops! 

* 4/5th may facepainting at John Lewis Reading.

* 6th May, Henley May fayre, Ostara the bubble fairy and our circus stilts walker. 

* Christchurch Cheese & Chilli Festival Stilt walkers & story tellers - 18th & 19th May

* TOTFests 19th may, circus workshops, The Bubble fairy and the Enchanted Trio!

* Fairy tale farm: 25th may-2nd June, Meet Kyanite the dragon and his knight master at the Once upon a Unicorn Event! 

Summer 2024


* Swanage fairy festival 2/3rd June an array of princess and fairy entertainment! 

* 1st June Shynefest, circus workshops stilt walkers and more!

* 1st & 2nd June Winchester Cheese & Chilli Festival 

* 8th June The royal Windsor flower show: bubble fairy and circus workshops! 

* 8/9th June: Stokerow steam fair, dragon puppeteer, fire shows, bubbleologist and stilt walkers!

*Pangbourne fete, 8th June:Circus skills and our bubble Mermaid!

* TOTFests 9th June bubble fairy and the Enchanted Trio!

* 14th June FIRE SHOWS at Weston Park Air Show!

*23rd June. TOTFest The Bubble fairy and the Enchanted Trio, story telling and more! 

* 6th July. TOTFest.The Bubble fairy and the Enchanted Trio!

* 7th July Aylesbury on sea: Circus workshops!

* Fifest 13th July TBC

* 13h july, Pirates ahoy a Micklands pre school for the end of term party!

*  Essex Family Fest; Sunday 14th July 2024 Bubble fairy and garden games! 

* 20/21st July Guildford cheese and chilli festival Chef Stiltwalking

* 20/21st July Welshstock: An array of entertainment so let made for welshstock and the new forest. 

* TOTFest Cheshire! – Sunday 21st July The Bubble fairy and the Enchanted Trio!

* Picnic and Pop. 27/28th July. TBC

* 3/4th august. DOG LOVERS FESTIVAL. Bubble fairy and circus workshops! 


* 10th /11th  august new forest fairy festival: https://newforestfairyfestival.com/whats-on

* 17/18th august 3wishes fairy fest: crafting workshops and TBC

* 24th August TBC Clacton family fest

* Patcham duck fayre: fairy bubbleologist 

Amongst others!

October: Tbc Crocus at dawny Harry Potter 


* South England agriculture shows winter story telling 23/24th November. 


Plus Many schools, cafes, garden center's AMONG OTHERS 

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