Driveway Visits

From September 2020 EPTC introduced after a whirlwind introductory period driveway visit.

These visits are best for children’s BIRTHDAYS that fall in the week and for children not attending school. Each theme will offer a slightly different message. They are our cheapest service certain to give your little one magic on their birthday. These visits are strictly held on the driveway. If you wish to have a character entertain in your garden, home, hall o other venue our full party entertainment package is best suited to you as they contain magic and much for larger audiences!


Monday to Friday; 9.30 am – 2.30 pm

Cost; £30

Time frame; 15-20 minutes

Activities; Bespoke conversation, a message for the child, a gift, dancing, and a game. Plentiful bubbles can be brought also.


      • Pirates

      • Princesses

      • Fairies

The Dream and Luna fairies are especially for children that have trouble sleeping, we come with a dream catcher and teach the child how to wind down after a big day of fun. We have many other fairies including Rainbow Fae, Flower fairies and many others.

      • Superheroes

      • Nursery rhyme characters, these characters love to sing and don’t stop!

      • Halloween & Autumn characters

      • Christmas folk, all characters but Santa can come for your home/corporate/club party! Please see all year-round entertainment for more information.

To book please email